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The 2,400 year old mushroom

Updated: Nov 8

You may or may not know that James has become increasingly fascinated by the world of mycology this past year. We talked about going on a foraging trip to Girona in Catalonia, northern Spain - a region renowned for its wild mushrooms - last year, after a trip to Earlswood Woods.

If mushrooms were a vegetable they'd be my favourite, but what makes them all the more alluring is the strange place they inhabit between categories we humans need to give everything; they're neither vegetable nor mineral, just fungus. The biggest organism on Earth is a mushroom: a honey fungus living in Oregon. It's old, it's massive - you have to wonder if we could learn a thing or two from this organism about the meaning of life, the universe and everything.

Who doesn't remember the mushroom sprouting through the insects in Planet Earth? And the name, cordyceps, so sinister but irresistible!

A new documentary, streaming on several platforms, called Fantastic Fungi, is on the watchlist. Let us know if you watch it.


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